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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Black Friday Starts Early!Special End-of-Year Sale!

As every Canadian knows, the best shopping day of the year is the day after Christmas. In Canada (and many other countries throughout the British Commonwealth) this day is when you line up to exchange gifts that weren't quite right (hence 'boxing') or you get great sales on the gifts you really wanted. It's the Black Friday of the British Commonwealth.

We're honouring that heritage with Axiom's first-ever Boxing Week special.

From now until January 2nd, 2014, we're bringing back the "Earn a 20% Gift Card" Thanksgiving sale! Here's how it works: any purchase made by January 2nd entitles you to a gift card in the amount of 20% of your purchase. Simply enter code "NY2014" at checkout and you'll automatically be enrolled to get your gift card around January 20th. The cards will be valid from February 1st to February 28th, 2014.

What better way to watch the Olympics than in stunning surround-sound? Get full details or start shopping now »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Double-Header Review At Six Moons!

Our latest review is up! reviewer Glen Wagenknecht ventured up to Axiom Audio's headquarters in Muskoka Canada this fall to pick up a pair of LFR1100 omnidirectional speakers and a pair of M22 bookshelf speakers. His review includes plenty of photos and gives a fantastic overview of the latest developments at the factory (and a lovely view of the surrounding area!).

"Two unconventional approaches that take full advantage of the current state of technology. One is to marry into a subwoofer prolific world. The other is to rethink bipolar for the 21st century. Both are highly successful.

"The LFR1100-HP ups the ante of what to expect from Axiom and sets the guidelines for what can be achieved with an advanced bipolar design.

"M22s in High Gloss BlackThe M22v3 shines is in a 2.1 and up setup where its strengths are unleashed without reservation. The engaging dynamic liveliness and clean power handling find new context when bass foundation is a match. Overall performance in this arrangement becomes a worthy alternative to a floorstanding solution and with proper ancillaries can outmatch it on some points."

-- Glen Wagenknecht,

Read the full review at »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

When (And How) Should You Use Port Plugs? And Where Do They Go?

We have recently started shipping our newest product, the M100 Floorstanding Speaker, which is the first model of ours to come with port plugs. Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker has made a video explaining what exactly a port plug is, and when you might want to use it - for M100s or for other models of speakers such as our bookshelf speakers.

Port Plug Video

A port plug, as its name suggests, is simply something that will plug one of the loudspeaker ports, keeping air from moving in and out of the cabinet.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use these, and they are going to be offered on the website as an accessory, so I'll also cover where you might want to use these other than for the model M100.

When you place a loudspeaker in a room, if it has to be close to anything called a room boundary (back walls, side walls), you get something called boundary reinforcement happening. Boundary reinforcement will tend to accentuate the mid-bass frequencies. In a speaker like the M100 that has very good low frequency extension and output capabilities, you can easily end up with 'too much of a good thing' in those environments. And if you're in a small listening room or environment, you can find that because everything is closer to the boundaries that you'll also get that midbass accentuation, which can be too much of a good thing and can actually make things sound really slow and congested.

For this reason, we've supplied port plugs with the M100. We suggest that you set up and listen to the speaker as-is without any of the plugs in place for a week or two, and then add one plug at a time (in the M100 we suggest adding them in the bottom three rear ports), and every time you add a plug, listen for a few days again, and listen for how the bass character changes. This is something that is very room dependent and also dependent on your personal listening tastes. Some people may like that bass accentuation. There's no right or wrong answer as to whether you should use the port plugs, but they are there as an option if you find the speaker has too much mid-bass.

Now I mentioned earlier that we're going to be offering these port plugs on the website, and there are a couple of other situations where you may want to look at using them. First . . .

Continue reading or watch "When Should You Use Port Plugs" on our site »


Axiom Home Theaters

EP175 in Rosewood with Chestnut Stain

Wow - thanks for the great comment on our Facebook Page, Robin!

"I want to thank the customer support at Axiom Audio, specifically Brent T and Debbie S for their fast and friendly support to help repair my EP175 Subwoofer. I have had this sub for close to 8 years and it has performed very well for me, but finally quit working. After talking with Axiom I ordered replacement parts. They not only arrived in less than a week but were easy and simple to install. My EP175 is now working well.

Excellent work Axiom!!"

Robin B, via Facebook Join the conversation here!

Axiom Home Theaters

Avery Audio Installation Axiom Installer Avery Audio has done a beautiful job creating a home theater around a signature fireplace. Pictured here, M80 floorstanding speakers, a VP180 center channel, two EP500 subwoofers, and slightly out of frame, QS8 surrounds. See the full picture on our Facebook Page.

Axiom Home Theaters

Your Latest Letters

"I am very pleased with my Axiom setup (M22 mains, VP150 on-wall CC, and new QS8 surrounds). I have yet to hear a system costing double the money that sounds this sweet.

"The addition of the surrounds has improved my surround dramatically. The system is much more engaging, but the QS8's are at the same time subtle and transparent.

"I also use the M22's for analog 2-channel audio and they are wonderful."

Darrin K., NF

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Axiom Home Theaters

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