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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

It's Baaaack . . . The Trade-Up Program

Due to popular request and the success of the Refurb Store we are re-introducing the Axiom Upgrade program for a while. If you are the original purchaser of your Axiom's you can trade them in for a newer version or a higher model - or both! Simply fill in your details on our site under Trade Up to get an instant estimate and submit for a formal quote.

Your new purchase can be for anything on our site except products in the Factory Outlet or Refurb Store. The cost of the shipping back is not included but our favourably-priced prepaid shipping labels can be purchased and used. 

We do have a limited number of trade-ins that we can take at any given time so if you are interested it is probably best to enquire while we have it available. Start your upgrade now »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Sneak Peek - Around the Factory

There have been a number of changes around the factory in the last month. We have come up with new custom colours for the outdoor speakers and have introduced a new tweeter.


The new custom colours for the outdoor speakers will be on the site next week.

We have also begun the laborious task of changing all the pictures to show the new tweeter. This could take a while but all products have been shipping with the new tweeter for the past few weeks.

The new tweeter has a die-cast aluminum face plate, a vented and critically damped motor assembly, and a new wide dispersion horn profile. These represent changes that will add to the overall power handling and performance, particularly in systems with high powered amplifiers.

The new tweeters are interchangeable with the last version. We will have more on this in the next newsletter. There is a thread running on it in the What's New section of our message board now - subscribe to the thread to keep up on questions and answers about the change.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Speaker Placement Series Part 2

In our second installment of the basics of speaker placement and set up, we continue on the theme of bookshelf speakers and center channel speakers (see Part 1 here). For all you floorstanding speaker owners out there, don't worry: future videos are going to cover the specifics of those types of products.

One of the things that we talked about in the last video was to try to get speakers mounted in a cabinet or a bookshelf as close to ear level as possible. But there's always going to be some situations where you don't have the luxury of doing that.

In the case where you've got to have the speaker on a low shelf or the center channel on a low shelf in a cabinet, what you want to do is have the speaker tilted upward so that it is firing at ear level. One of the members of our forums actually tried this out on his center channel and found that he got an improvement in clarity when he made the change.

Speaker Placement Video

Axiom center channels can actually be ordered to have the angled section on the bottom of the speaker instead of top, which will have the speaker naturally sitting up at an angle. If, however, you've already ordered your center channel and you're changing your set up or installation, you can easily buy something like a rubber doorstop to help angle the speaker up. My brother-in-law actually uses hockey pucks for this which also works well.

Now, one of the things I address in the last video was should we be concerned about the fact that the speaker is sitting right on a shelf? All of Axiom's small speakers – bookshelf and centers – come with some small, clear, rubber self-adhesive bumpers. These should definitely be installed if you are going to be placing the speakers directly on a shelf. The reason is that . . .

Continue reading or watch "Speaker Placement Part 2" on our site »


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