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Superbowl XLVII: Gear Up For the Big Game and Save!

Superbowl Sale!  Gear Up And Save!

Let's face it: you probably have the best place on the block to watch the big game. Your seats are comfier, your screen is bigger, your snacks are better, and gosh darnit, people just like you! But . . . do you have the right system truly rock the block at halftime?

Axiom wants to help you gear up for the big game. Get your living room in pro shape by adding a home theater system and enjoying the big game in 5.1 surround sound.

From now until Superbowl Sunday - February 3rd - buy any complete home theater system (front left and right speakers, a center channel, surround speakers and a subwoofer), and Double Your Discount!

You'll save big on our best-selling Epic 80 500 Home Theater system: Full price is $3,836, but when you get a home theater discount and then double down, you'll end up saving $383! Add an amp and the savings really multiply!

Use code SUPERBOWL to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Video Interview: Part Two On Designing In-Wall Speakers

Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker continues with his description of how to design an in-wall loudspeakers to avoid any problems with reflections and diffractions.

Andrew Welker: Andrew: Part two, in continuation of part one. A couple of important details. One, many in-wall speakers that you’ll see on the marketplace actually are sunk into the wall so that the drive units sit below where the drywall surface or the wallboard surface would be.

That’s actually a very bad thing acoustically, because the wall edges that stick out past the drivers cause reflections and what’s called diffractions around the drive unit. So instead of getting a nice even spread and a spacious sound, you can get a very localized and closed-in sound, which sounds very unnatural.

Watch Designing An In-Wall Speaker: Part Two»

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Axiom Home Theater Amps: What Makes Them Different?

In our second video interview this month, we talk with Axiom's Engineer Andrew Welker about what makes the ADA Amplifier Series different from other Class D amplifiers on the market.

Axiom Amplifiers Video

Andrew Welker: Basically today I wanted to go over a couple of points about our ADA amplifier series that differentiates us with some of the Class D (sometimes called Switching Amplifiers) that are on the market. There’s a lot of them and they all tout the same sort of high efficiency, cool running, high-power-for-small-size features. We have all of those things, because this is a Class D-based amplifier.

In fact, this module in my hands is from the ADA 1500 amplifier, our largest model, and this is essentially a complete (minus the power supply) 2 times 650-watt into 4 ohm amplifier. It’s something that was unheard of not that many years ago – to get that sort of power out of something so small.

Watch Axiom Home Theater Amps: What Makes Them Different »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Meanwhile, On Facebook . . .

Any old movie buffs out there? If so, you may be interested in a post we made on Facebook this week, talking about a partnership between Fox and Home Theater Forum. The guys at Home Theater Forum are hosting a poll on behalf of Fox to find out which vintage movie you'd like to see released on Blu-Ray next. There are choices in each decade from the 1930s through 1960s, and the films are definitely classics (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir anyone?). Check out the poll and register your vote!


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Looking for some decoration inspiration? Check out Alevan's beautiful family room renovation, complete with built in Axiom Speakers!

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M3 Speakers show in High Gloss Cherry Finish

"I just had to write to let you know how much I'm loving my M3v3 bookshelf speakers. Even more than expected, they have rekindled my love for music. Considering my budget, I'm completely blown away by the way that they have transformed my experience of records and digital music alike. I also emailed you guys initially with a technical question that was tangential at best to my purchase of the speakers and was treated to a prompt and thoughtful response.

From researching all the way to ownership, my experience with Axiom has been superlative. I will absolutely shop your brand again when the time comes to put together a world class home theater. 

"Cheers and keep up the excellent work!!"

Jeff R., WV

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Axiom Home Theaters

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