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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

We're continually surprised by your innovation! Check out this interesting post from our blog about how Ryan used an iPad app called Paper to make his own stands out of recycled MDF. Fast read with lots of pics!

Have you made your own stands or other accessories? We love to hear your stories!

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Dual Subwoofers: How To Hook Up Multiple Subs

Today, Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker discusses how to hook up dual (or multiple) subwoofers. We often recommend that customers who are looking for a smooth, even bass response at every point in their home theater room look at adding a second (or more) subwoofers to the room. What this does is even out any peaks or nulls in the room that can occur at seats other than your own.

Andrew Welker: Today we’re going to look at how to wire up multiple subwoofers. We are big advocates of having more than one subwoofer in your system because it really smooths out the low frequency bass response in the room. Even two subwoofers can do a much better job giving you nice linear bass.

So the problem comes up as to: “How do I wire multiple subwoofers?”

Now, there are some home theater processors and receivers that have more Subwoofer Out on them. Usually it will only be two if it does have more than one. And in that case, it’s very straightforward and pretty much self-explanatory: you’re going to run a separate (usually) RCA cable from each of the Sub Outs on your receiver to the RCA inputs on your two subwoofers.

If, however, like the vast majority of home theater receiver on the market, there is only one labeled Sub Out on the unit, you have a couple of options. One option is that you can use an RCA splitting cable, where you will plug one end into the Sub Out on your receiver, and now you have two Outputs that you can run individually to the two subwoofers.

Subwoofer Setup Guide

Continue Reading Dual Subwoofers: How To Hook Up Multiple Subs »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Connecting a Subwoofer: What Goes Where?

Continuing in our series of videos about subwoofer setup, Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker gives us an idea of what you need to know about subwoofer connections. It can be confusing – XLR, Line Level, RCA . . . what’s the right one to use?

Andrew Welker: Today we’re going to talk a little bit about connecting a subwoofer to a receiver. Connecting a subwoofer is not very difficult, particularly as most home theater receivers now have dedicated Subwoofer Outputs on them. The first thing that I want to mention is that before you make any connections it’s a good idea to make sure that the power is off to the receiver and the subwoofer. You’re not necessarily going to damage anything, but it can cause some startling bangs and noises if things are not right.

So if you locate on the back of your home theater receiver or processor, the output labeled Sub Out, most of the time you’re going to find a common connection called an RCA connection. Here’s what an RCA jack looks like and here’s the plugin. On most receivers there’s going to be one Sub Output; on some there will be two. You’re simply going to plug your RCA into that Sub Out on your receiver or processor, and then the other end is going to connect to your subwoofer.

Depending on what vintage of our subwoofer you own, you may have a multi-plug which requires a quarter phone to RCA adapter which is included with the subwoofer. If you have one of those amplifiers, you simply plug the adapter in, and then you then you plug the other end of your RCA cable from your receiver’s Sub Out into that input connection, and now that subwoofer is connected.

If you don’t have one of these multi jacks on your subwoofer, you’ll have one of these standard RCA jacks, and it’s just a matter of plugging in to the RCA that is labelled Low-Level Input.

On some home theater processors you’re going to find a different connection as an option, which is called an XLR connection.

Subwoofer Setup Guide

Continue Reading Connecting a Subwoofer: What Goes Where? »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

From Our Message Boards: More About Sampling Rate, Bit Depth, and Dither

ClubNeon, longtime member of our message boards, posted a link to a video on sampling rate, bit depth and dither. Take a few minutes to check out the post and the video on audio signals in a Digital Show & Tell video:

View the Post here



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"I absolutely love my axiom speakers. I have the Epic 80-500-150 QS8 x 4 with NAD T775 and Emotiva XPA-2.

"The clarity and timbre of the music is addictive.

"I use music to relax after work. Axiom has elevated the music listening experience to a new level.

"The home theater sound is so realistic and spacious that I prefer to watch movies at home. I am currently planning a 5.1 audio system in my living room using M60's VP-150, QS4 x2, and Marantz audio. My family all has a new appreciation for music."

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M2's are just as good as any speaker Axiom has within their range and purpose. Imaging and staging has no place for a speaker of this price. Incredible.

Rich D., NY

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Axiom Home Theaters

Axiom Home Theaters

Your Latest Letters

hhp is using an Epic 80 - 500 - 180 and is wondering if he's got Audyssey set up correctly - should he set his speakers to Large or Small? Help him out on our Message Boards.

Regular nickboul is making some really interesting decor decisions around acoustic panelling - have you got any experience to share with him?

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