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Two Great New Reviews Of Our Latest Speakers

LFR1100s get their first reviewWe were so gratified to get not one but two great new reviews this month. First up, the LFR1100s went out for their very first review, making their way to HomeTheaterShack's Dale Rasco.

"The soundstage is absolutely stunning. Several hours into my subjective listening tests and I was still thinking 'WOW! I have never been this taken aback by a pair of speakers. Every song I play is like hearing it for the first time!' I could not get enough music to listen to and it stirred up something inside that has been dormant for a long time now."
-- Dale Rasco, HomeTheaterShack
He really gave the speakers a run through their paces - read the full review at HomeTheaterShack.

Epic 60 Won the Goodsound Great Buy!And the Epic 60-500 v3 had its first review, too! The system has never been reviewed with the new VP160 center channel in place, so we were anxious to hear what the pros thought.
"Axiom Audio’s Epic 60•500 system is one of the finest, fully integrated home-theater systems we’ve had here at domus antiquus. Regardless of the material, from the Nats drubbing the Cubs to Green Lantern zipping through the galaxy, the Epic 60•500 delivered measured, unfettered sound without artifice or compromise."
-- Kevin East,
GoodSound awarded the Epic 60 their Great Buy Award. Read his full impressions of the system at Goodsound.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Get a Christmas Gift For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Sale'Tis the season to save . . . and from now until Monday, November 26th, we want to give you something to dream about as you sit around in a turkey-induced coma . . . Any purchases you make between now and Monday will entitle you to an Axiom Gift Card in the amount of 20% of your purchase! Pick up a pair of M80s this week, and you'll receive a gift card in the amount of $300! Pick up an Epic 80 and you'll get almost $800 in future savings - unbelievable!

The gift cards will be emailed to you on November 30th, and are valid from December 25th - January 31st, 2013. You can give the card as a gift, or you can use it yourself - the choice is yours! See the full sale details here.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Video Interview: Andrew Welker On Designing Speakers

Okay, I admit it's the skinniest video ever made! But you try to get these speakers in a frame with Axiom’s Andrew Welker, who designed the Omnidirectional LFR1100s together with Ian Colquhoun. Watch the video (filmed in Axiom’s anechoic chamber) or read the transcript to find out what challenges are faced when you are designing loudspeakers with drivers on the front and rear panels of the speaker.

Andrew Welker: Omnidrectional speakers are probably one of the more challenging types of designs that a loudspeaker designer can undertake. Part of the reason is that you have to deal with a lot of factors in terms of how the speaker interacts with the room, and how the different parts of the speaker interact with one another.

One good question that I often get is "Why omnidirectional in the first place? What’s wrong with a conventional forward-radiating speaker?" And the answer is nothing. Axiom builds a lot of very successful models, including the award-winning M80, that are forward-radiating speakers. [Forward radiating speakers] perform extremely well, they image extremely well, and they can be totally neutral if properly designed.

Continue reading Get “The Skinny” on Designing Omnidirectional Loudspeakers »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

End of The In-Wall / On-Wall Hybrid Speakers

If you've been waiting to buy a pair of our in-wall / on-wall speakers for your new home theater installation, you may want to hurry!

The M22 In-Wall / On-Wall, The VP100 In-Wall / On-Wall, and the VP150 In-Wall / On-Wall have already sold out! The M2 and M3 versions of the In-Wall / On-Walls remain with very limited stock - don't wait to get your pair. The line is being discontinued in favor of our straight in-wall and on-wall versions of the speakers, so until they're gone you can save 20% on the remaining stock.

It's a great discount and a great pair of speakers - the perfect combination! Shop In-Wall / On-Wall Speakers today! »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Your Input Is Requested

Andrew Welker has been busy with more than just speakers and amplifiers . . . he's asking for your help on our message boards as he works on the next product design! Got a few minutes? Weigh in here.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Contest Winner

Wondering who won last month's 6-Words Contest? It was . . . . really almost too hard to tell! We ran the entries through a text-to-James-Earl-Jones-Voice-Simulator so they’d all sound equally profound, and came up with a tie for first, a close second, and then a pile’o'we-really-love-this-one.

First Place: Graeme: At first listen, I was hooked.

SecondFirst Place: Gary (slightly late but too good to miss): Axiom, don’t stay home without ‘em.

Second Place: Luc: Turn them on, they will disappear!

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Axiom Home Theaters

Looking for some inspiration to freshen up your home theater room? Look at these new pics!

Kevin's Kave was a neat entry to the Wall'O'Fame: M22 on-walls, a VP100, and then some vintage Axioms - VP50, M1s, and an AX150A.

Check out all the great new photos on the Axiom Message Boards this month.

Have you sent us your photos yet?

Axiom Home Theaters

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M80 Floorstanding Speakers in Rosewood with Chestnut Stain

"Been meaning to write a review for some time; purchased a pair of M80's about 10 years ago and used them as ''mains'' in a home theatre system confined to a small room where they sounded wonderful but never allowed their full potential. After some home remodeling the M80's were moved to the living room in a stand alone stereo arrangement with a high end amp. The difference was astounding confined to music play alone. These speakers are likely the only product I have ever purchased in life that remain ''perfect'' in every aspect; they deliver superb sound quality and are beautiful to simply look at. If you are an average person who seeks superior sound, no matter what type of music you enjoy, the M80's are within reach and could transform your music listening experience. If you love music like I do and use it as medicine to transcend life's problems, I recommend investing in a pair of these speakers with a decent amp; for $2500 or so you can truly have one of life's best benefits. Want to thank Axiom for continuing to strive for excellence."
Philip E., CA

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Axiom Home Theaters

Axiom Home Theaters

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