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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Clearance on End-of-Line Products!

After nearly a 10-year run, it's time to phase out the in-wall / on-wall hybrid speaker. The in-wall / on-wall was our first entry into the Architectural speaker family and they got rave reviews (read excerpt below) but our more recent separate in-wall and on-wall versions have made the original hybrid somewhat redundant.

"Unlike loudspeakers for which much is promised, but that end up being little more than patchwork designs, Axiom's M22 On-Wall/In-Wall is an extremely well-thought-out speaker that gives you Axiom's trademark sound quality in a package much more convenient and spacing-saving than the norm. . . . dead-simple to install. . . .a unique solution for the audiophile who wants it all, but wants it on -- and in -- the wall." -- Doug Schneider,
While supplies last, the in-wall / on-wall hybrid line is on sale at a deep discount of 20% off. Perfect for that home theater renovation you're planning this winter! The slim profile fits in beautifully with today's flat-screen displays, and the innovative wall mount makes installation easy. Check out the complete in-wall / on-wall line here.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

New Ways To Save: Add An Amp And Double Your Discount!

Add an Amp and Double Your Home Theater DiscountAdd one of our amplifiers to your home theater system and we'll double your home theater discount! Instead of getting 5% off 5 speakers, you'll get 10% off the entire package! You could save hundreds! Get the ultimate in loud, clean power from an Axiom Home Theater System driven by an Axiom Amp. You won't believe the difference!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Building The Perfect AirPlay Speaker: Your Chance to Play Speaker Designer!

Airplay Speaker: Help Us Design Your Dream Speaker!
Have your say - help us design the
ultimate AirPlay speaker!

Thanks to everyone who has weighed in on our AirPlay Speaker Project! Your comments and finds really helped us narrow down the development scope for the project.

The results? Foremost we all agreed it needed to have real fidelity, real amp power, and real dynamic headroom. We ended up deciding there needed to be two models with various options to cover the broad spectrum of uses everyone indicated they would have for a high quality sounding AirPlay Speaker.

For use around the house we are working on a version of our M3 with a built-in 140-watt amplifier and Airplay receiver. This M3-AirPlay will have various settings available: Mono, Master, and (for some applications if feasible) Right and Left.

In Mono it will blend the right and left channels into one signal for use as a stand-alone speaker.

The Master setting would allow you to run the right channel as a regular M3 driven from the one M3-AirPlay speaker (the Master) using a standard speaker wire and would be 70 watts-per-channel.

Right and Left would allow you to use two of these M3-AirPlays as a stereo pair with 140 watts-per-channel (each one would need to just plug into a standard wall socket). Though this configuration is very convenient and very powerful it does come with some technical challenges that may make it unworkable at the end of the day. Currently Apple will not stream to multiple devices from their portable products, which limits the application when using separate Right and Left receivers. There could also be a possibility of latency occurring between the two channels and we are currently running tests on the likelihood of that in our lab.

The second model will be designed for more portability and weather resistance. It will have a 6.5-inch sub module that contains the AirPlay receiver and amplifier (70 watts-per-channel) that is flanked with two detachable 4-inch two-way satellite speakers.

These satellites can be easily detached from the sub module (if desired) and will have retractable speaker cables tethering them back to the sub module.

This model will run from any 12 volt DC power source like a lighter socket or battery pack. We will also supply a power cord that can plug into a standard AC wall socket. The challenge for us will be to keep the size and weight to a minimum without sacrificing sound quality.

Updates and on-going suggestions will be happening on our AirPlay Speaker Thread here.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Contest! Can You Encapsulate How Your Speakers Make You Feel in Six Words?

Just a few days left in our informal little contest! Enter for your chance to win!

Brent Tombari, Axiom Audio ExpertBrent and I enjoy some of the same books, and one that both of us got a real kick out of was "Not Quite What I Was Planning", a collection of six-word memoirs that encapsulate people's lives – some of them funny, some of them bittersweet, some of them profound. We thought it would be fun to turn this into a little contest to see what other phrases our creative linguistic readers may come up with. For example, a few from the book:

"Dad died, mom crazy, me too." –Moby

"Couldn’t cope so I wrote songs" - Aimee Mann

"Macular degeneration. Didn’t see that coming." –Ian Gould

"Brought it to a boil, often." — Mario Batali

. . . you get the drift. So Brent and I were musing about what our audio six-word memoir would be. What six words characterize your experience with music? Can you do it in just six words? It’s surprisingly challenging! Message board member Seabear’s sig file, for example, wouldn’t qualify:

"Axioms; For when you’ve just Gotta have More Cowbell!"


"It’s Axiomatic: I need more cowbell" would definitely qualify!

Brent took the first try at it – his six words . . .

"No words to describe my sound!"

What are your six words? Post them here! The best phrase will win a $50 Axiom Gift Certificate. $25 for the first runner up!


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The Axiom M22 bookshelf speakers tied into my big woofer are just out of this world! Their performance with classical organ music has got to be heard to believed. Tell the designers that they have achieved perfection!
Sam E., PA

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