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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Introducing Two New Additions to the Omnidirectional Speaker Series!

LFR Series Front View
Front view: LFR 1100, 880 and 660
LFR Series, Rear View
Rear view: LFR 1100, 880 and 660
The LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers have received so many accolades we decided we needed to develop an entire range of them to accommodate different room sizes and listening tastes. To that end, we are officially announcing the pre-release of the new LFR660 and LFR880 Omnidirectional Speakers!

Based on our best-selling M60 and M80 floorstanding loudspeakers, the new speakers feature Axiom's Linear Field Radiating technology, a proprietary technology that helps eliminate the problems of a washed out image typically associated with bipole or dipole speakers, instead creating a defined, spacious, seductively big soundstage that will have you listening to your entire music collection all over again.

The new models come with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that separates the front left and right into four channels, so that both the front and rear drivers are powered.

We have made some big changes to the DSP also and now have four different versions to choose from. The DSP1 is the model included with your LFR speakers and it now incorporates both line level RCA right and left input as well as a high level right and left input for use with receivers that do not have pre-amp outputs; the DSP1 has four line level RCA outputs for connecting to a separate power amp.

In Customize Yours there are three other versions available:

The DSP2, which does not have the high level inputs but has both RCA and Balanced XLR inputs and outputs for use with high-end pre-amps.

The LFR1000 DSP/Amp has both the RCA line level inputs and the high level inputs and it is all incorporated into and ADA1000-4 amplifier allowing you to go direct to the speakers.

The LFR1000 DSP/Amp/Pre-amp has 3 independent source inputs with a source selector switch, a balance control, and a volume control on the front panel. This turns your LFR speakers into a ready to go stereo system; you just need to plug in a source.

These new models are also available in either a Standard or a High-Powered version. The High-Powered version has the ability to achieve astonishing levels of max SPL output in the bass region. They are great for use in a big room or for high volume listening without the need of a subwoofer.

Also included with these flagship models is a 10 year warranty - a first at Axiom Audio!

From now until the end of October, you can preorder the new models at 25% off! Get more details on each model:

LFR880 Omnidirectional Speaker
LFR660 Omnidirectional Speaker

Hurry - offer ends October 31st 2013!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Introducing the Axiom High-Powered Series

Also on pre-order special this month, Axiom's latest addition to the line: high-powered versions of our popular M80 and M60 floorstanding speakers and VP160 and VP180 center channel speakers.

These upgraded versions have new high powered woofers similar to our new M100 woofer but designed specifically for these models. They also come stock with bi-wirable inputs and die cast baskets everywhere. And the new Axiom 10 year warranty!

From now until October 31st, you can preorder the new high-powered models at 25% off! See the M80 and M60 floorstanding speakers pages for details.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Custom Lighting Project: Home Theater 3.0

M80 close up

The theater lit up.
Message Board Member vassillos posted pictures of his new home theater set up on our message boards, but really had me intrigued was the way he has backlit the speakers for night watching, creating a very warm and inviting ambiance.

Roger writes: "I like to use ambient lighting in my home theater when watching movies in low lighting conditions, I find that it relieves stress on the eyes and helps to perceptibly increase black levels."

There are more pictures of his room along with how-to instructions for your weekend project pleasure on our Blog. Have you done something unusual with the lighting in your home theater? Share with us on Facebook - we'd love to see your ideas!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Positioning Omni Directional Speakers

In today's featured video, Ian Colquhoun and Andrew Welker discuss the optimal placement and configuration for omnidirectional loudspeakers.

Andrew Welker: In this video we're going to discuss positioning our LFR1100 omnidirectional speakers - both placement and how to wire them up; in particular, some of the settings on the DSP unit.

As many of you know the LFR1100 is omnidirectional, and that just means it radiates sound in 360 degrees - in all directions. To achieve that, there is a complement of drive units - two midranges and two tweeters - on the back. Because of that, the relative placement of the LFR1100 to the back wall, and the angle at which you've got it to the back wall, influences the soundstage, and the way that the sound is going to blend at the listening position.

So one of the things that we recommend - if at all possible - is to allow a couple of feet from the rear of the speaker to the back wall. In this setup here, it's about 2 feet. If however you need to get the speaker closer than that, there is a boundary compensation switch on the back of the unit.

Now, there's no hard-and fast rule of exactly when that switch needs to be used. You've just got to experiment and listen: is the sound big and full, or when you move the speakers back in position, does the soundstage collapse and sound more like a conventional loudspeaker? You want it to sound big and open and spacious.

Another thing to note: even though the back of the speaker is angled so that you don't have to angle the speaker towards the listening position much, I find that in most situations that actually toeing the speaker in towards and aiming it towards the listening position a little bit helps to get that reflected information out from behind the speaker to give you that enveloping soundstage.

If you have one of the latest LFR models, the 880 or the smaller 660, neither of those have the angled back. In that case, toe-in is extremely important, because if the speakers are just pointing straight, then the reflection from behind it won't escape and will just bounce around behind it. So make sure that you toe the speakers in towards the listening position to get a nice seamless soundstage.

Ian Colquhoun: In follow up to Andrew's discussion of the placement of the speaker in a room for an LFR1100 or 660 or 880, I thought I'd get into a bit about how the electronics work.

What to Look For in a Subwoofer Amplifier

Continue reading or watching Positioning Omnidirectional Speakers »


Axiom Home Theaters

We love Jason Albert's Heartland Home Theater installation. This dedicated home theater is a true movie buff's paradise, complete with posters, movie memorabilia, custom lighting and more. Check it out on our Wall'O'Fame!

Axiom Home Theaters

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Epic 80 180

"I purchased the Axiom M80 towers, VP180 center, and QS8 surrounds to replace my Monitor Audio RS6 Silver 5.1 package. The service was excellent and delivery was extremely quick. Unpacking these monsters was a treat all by itself, but once I got them wired up and running... the sound was incredible. The soundstage was drastically improved upon and the detail was amazing.

I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I auditioned many speakers prior to pulling the trigger on the Axiom product and I would say the Axioms outperform competitors in much higher price brackets. With ease. Well done Axiom!!!!"
Eric M., NC

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