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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Price Increase Coming October 2nd

In order to keep up with rising materials and transportation costs, there will be a price increase at Axiom October 2nd. The average increase is 3%, with some models being more and others being less. You can see the new prices here (remember to select your country if the system hasn't defaulted to your country.)

The new LFR1100s and the Digital Amplifers remain at the same price.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Building The Perfect Airplay Speaker: Your Chance to Play Speaker Designer!

Airplay Speaker: Help Us Design Your Dream Speaker!
Have your say - help us design the
ultimate Airplay speaker!

We admit it - we've been completely seduced by the ease and convenience of Apple Airplay for playing our iTunes collection anywhere in the house. Curious, we did some research to see what was on the market for audiophiles who wanted the convenience without sacrificing sound quality.

The results? It seems like 'convenience' exists (if you look hard enough) but sound quality? Well, to quote a recent Gizmodo Review . . .

". . . sound is dull and muffled, lacking the clarity you'd expect from something so large" on one speaker, and on another: "Unfortunately, it's just easy access to a room full of tinny sound reminiscent of a small speaker. You can do better."
– Sam Biddle,

So, with such a dearth of audiophile choices on the market, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands (and yours!)

Weigh in on the new thread on our message boards, "Designing the Axiom Airplay Speaker" with your suggestions for what would make the perfect portable set up. Have you been yearning for an Airplay-compatible speaker with a battery pack so you can set it beside your hammock on lazy summer afternoons? Or perhaps you're looking for something you can easily plug into a wall in the dining room to stream great music without running speaker wires or buying a new receiver. Let us know what you're looking for and let's see if we can come up with the ultimate Airplay Speaker!

For those of you who've never heard of Airplay, a little explanation is in order. Since 2010, Apple has had a protocol that allows for wireless streaming of media from your computer, iPhone, iPod or iPad to an Airport Express receiver, Apple TV, or Airplay-enabled loudspeakers.

What's the advantage of Airplay over Bluetooth? Airplay uses the Wifi network in your home (or office), which gives it more bandwidth to transmit the full frequency range. It also gives you greater range: Bluetooth devices often have a workable range of about 22 feet; Wifi has considerably larger range. Best of all, there is no pairing! Anyone who has tried to use the same wireless headset or mouse for multiple devices can attest to the beauty of this feature.

Now you're up to speed! So, what would make the ultimate Axiom Airplay speaker in your opinion? Visit the thread and tell us your thoughts. It's your chance to play speaker designer!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Have You Been to the Deals Site Lately?

M60s in Oak  

M60 v3 Real Wood Floorstanding Speakers -Oak


VP150 v3 On-Wall Center Channel Speaker -Custom Eggshell White

QS8s in Custom Light Maple   QS8s in Vermont Maple

QS8 v3 Surround Speakers -Custom Light Maple


QS8 v3 Surround Speakers -Custom Vermont Maple

M22s in Charcoal Smoke   M22s in Mansfield Beech

M22 v3 Bookshelf Speakers -Custom Charcoal Smoke

M22 v3 Bookshelf Speakers -Custom Mansfield Beech with Gold Grilles

There are lots of great options to choose from. See all deals »

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

From the Blog: In Wall Ceiling Speakers: Three Tips For Getting Whole-House Music Right

In Wall In Ceiling Speakers
15 pairs of M3 In Wall Speakers were used in this beautiful
Toronto home. See all the images in our Wall'o'Fame.

Looking for a way to get high-end sound in any room of your house? In wall ceiling speakers may be the answer!

Whole-house music is something a lot of us yearn for – it can be as practical as wanting to listen to the radio while making lunches in the kitchen, or as decadent as wanting the music to follow you no matter where you are during a party. Regardless, few of us have the space (or the inclination) to put full-blown bookshelf or floor standing speakers in every room of the house.

But, let’s be candid . . . the sound that comes out of the tin cans in the ceiling at your dentist’s office is not exactly the effect you were hoping for in your quest for audio nirvana. So how can you ensure that the sound in your kitchen is as good as the sound in your den?

1. Opt for ceiling speakers that have fully enclosed backs. If the speakers you are choosing are open at the back, the sound has not been fully engineered. The cavity in the ceiling – the amount of insulation – the amount of room before the next wall or other obstruction – will all effect the sound.

If you choose a speaker with a fully enclosed back, on the other hand, you know that the designer has finely-tuned the speaker to sound its best no matter where it is installed. The bass and treble output has a known quality, regardless of whether the speaker is being sunk into acoustic tile or an all-wood ceiling.

2. Think about placement.
The same rules of separation apply when you are installing in-ceiling speakers as when you are installing traditional stand-alone speakers. Picture a triangle. If you are standing mainly at the sink when listening to in wall ceiling speakers – doing dinner prep or whatever – ensure that the distance between the speakers is at least half of the distance to the listening position. If you are standing 12 feet from where your speakers are, that means the distance between the left and right speaker should be a maximum of 12 feet and a minimum of 6 feet.

3. Watch out for reflections. In wall ceiling speakers are often a nearly-invisible option for living rooms where stereo listening is key. If you place the speakers too close to a fireplace or large window, you may hear reflections from the hard surface muddying up the sound. Also make sure your speakers aren’t too close to corners of the room – those corners will exaggerate bass response.

Oh, and by the way, we know that most people think ’round’ when they think in wall ceiling speakers . . . but as our customer’s beautiful installation, pictured above, shows, it’s hip to be square, too!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Our annual feature on how Audio Expert Brent Tombari spent his summer vacation.

Brent Tombari, Axiom Audio ExpertLive at the Interlochen School of the Arts -- truly one of the best venues to attend -- was The Dukes of September, featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs, performed their magic at the open air venue.

Backed by an extrodinary 7 piece band featuring 2 female back-up singers -- back-up is used lightly here -- the tour featured a collection of hits from the members careers as well as a wide variety of R & B gold.

Rambling through a diverse set list of hits from performers such as James Brown, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Muddy Waters, Buck Owens, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, only to name a few, the Dukes brought the maximum capacity crowd of 3500 to a peaked frenzie. Always wonderful to watch your spouse turn into a groupie.

The complement of selected songs and the arrangements featured group members at their best. In my estimation Boz Scaggs -- whether you think he experienced an exceptional night or not -- stole the show.

Again, an incredible show at an incredible venue.


Axiom Home Theaters

Looking for some inspiration to freshen up your home theater room? Look at these new pics!

F16Thud's Ski Chalet 2.1 System

Danny's Dedicated Set Up

And one pair of speakers that elicited a lot of chatter on our Facebook Page: Custom-painted tree speakers!

Check out all the great new photos on the Axiom Message Boards this month.

Have you sent us your photos yet?

Axiom Home Theaters

Your Latest Letters

LFR1100s in High Gloss Rosewood

Recently, I had a chance to listen to Axiom's new LFR1100's. Simply put, these speakers are a new sound experience. There is a depth and breadth of sound I have never heard in any speaker. The LFR1100's, with the addition of the rear components, fill the room with sound that is like something you've never heard before. The old adage "It's like you were there!" takes on new meaning with LFR1100's. My wife and I are now trying to figure out to re-jig the family room to make the perfect space for a set of LFR1100's.
Shane and Christine O’Connor, Ottawa

Send us your feedback!

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Axiom Home Theaters

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