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All Axiom loudspeakers and subwoofers carry a 5-year warranty.
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Above: Epic 80 Home Theater Speakers in Boston Cherry.
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"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my M80s. I can't believe the other speakers of comparable quality are being sold for more than twice the price... Your speakers' overall quality are absolutely mind-blowing! :-) I am VERY HAPPY! You make world class speakers at an affordable price. Thank YOU! Jim Z, NC
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We have lots of links in our Digital Library, aimed at helping you choose a home theater system that suits your needs to a tee! Start with the Home Theater Wizard (above) or one of these articles, below. Or pick up the phone and call one of our Audio Experts - they're always happy to help!

Selecting Your Home Theater:

Home Theater Basics
What you need to establish a home theater.
What to Look For When Buying a Receiver
Stereo only, or Dolby Digital or 5.1-channel surround sound too?
Spotlight on: Home Theater Buying Tips
Questions to think about before you buy a home theater.
Choosing a TV
Handy guide to the latest screen technologies.
Ten Tips to Getting a Big Screen TV 
Choosing the right screen size, resolution and features.
Buying a DVD Player
What's out there and what do you need?
An article for advanced DVD users.
Do I Need Two Subs?
For larger rooms, one sub may not be enough.
What's in a Cable?
An explanation of the various cables you need to set up a home theater.
Cable Quandary: Composite, S-Video, Component Video,
DVI, and HDMI Connectors

Advanced cables choices.
Choosing A Home Theater: Ten Mistakes to Avoid
Buyer beware!
Why Wall Units are the Enemy of Loudspeakers
The high school physics lesson you may have forgotten.
Going the Separates Route
Advice on whether to get an all-in-one receiver or separate pieces.

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