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Axiom Customer Reviews

Below are just a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us. To view their opinions on a particular Axiom loudspeaker, please select the model that you are interested in from the menu below.

Epic 80 - 800 Home Theater System
Rated 5.0 Stars Based on 3 Reviews.

I have owned Axiom speakers since the late 90's and early 2000 when Axiom was still a secret LOL. I had the Epic 80 ? 800 7.2 until a thief wanted them for free. The best thing about Axiom is everything is top notch, even their staff treats you like an individual not an order number. If I had to sum it up into one phrase that describes Axiom it would be something one of their staff members said to me when I ordered my Epic 80 system one piece at a time, and that was quote ?Here at Axiom it is the customer that makes us strive for the best product, because the customer makes us who we are? end quote. I won the auction on Sunday and the item I won arrived at my home and was installed by Tuesday morning. The shipping was cheaper than instant online software delivery. I think Axiom should be THX certified because they produce crystal clear sound throughout the entire sound spectrum. They sound better than any THX speaker I have listened too. Thank you guys for a great product at an awesome price.   
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating   

After 3 years I'm still absolutely loving every single thing about this system. This system is EXACTLY what the name suggests, simply put this system is EPIC!! and I would recommend it to anyone craving great sound! - and I'm definitely no sound technician so I know I most-likely haven't fully tapped into the complete Epic experience yet, due to a lack of technical knowledge; that's okay though because it's still KICKS ASS!! This part of the review is about the amazing customer service at Axiom. They came out to open their shop on a Friday night when I was driving through so that I have a look at the Sub that wasn't working properly at the time (hey it was the very first batch of 800s.. so completely understandable). This was on a Friday night after 10:30!! you're just not going to find that kind of superior customer service than that! ANYWHERE! And when they realized that the first generation of Subs could be a little wonky, they asked me to send the 1st gen. Sub back and I got my new and improved sub the day after I shipped the first one back! Great Products even better customer service! "Axiom Lifer!"   
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating   
, QC

I received my new set of speakers on Wednesday. As you may remember from our conversation, I got the M80s, QS8s and VP150. I was certainly hoping that upgrading my speakers with Axiom's full line would make a big difference in my audio system and my hopes have been far exceeded. In general, I'm so impressed with the uniformity of the total sound field. The sound is natural. The BIGGEST impression that they've made upon me is their clarity and detail. Listening to the "Diane Schurr and the Count Basie Orchestra" CD, you can, for instance, hear the 'pluck' of the bass player's finger across the string. The bass response of the system as a whole is never 'gimmicky'. While watching a film, when there's action, explosions, etc., it makes your heart race. At the same time you can be listening to a vocal ensemble like Chanticleer and when the bass section makes an entrance, the bass response is gentle, defined and natural. Listening to SACD material, all I can say is WOW!!! The imaging of these speakers is like nothing I've ever heard. Listening to 2 channel material, I STILL get up check to see that the sound is NOT coming out of the center channel speaker. The imaging is so perfect and as you said during our conversation the evening before I placed my order, the off axis ability of these speakers is amazing. I can even be in the other room and get a sense of the spatial quality of the sound. As the reviews often mention, I also get a sense that the speakers disappear. The QS8s are amazing, also. I've watched a number of things where I felt the effect from the screen pass over me and out the back of the room. The VP150 is too large to be accommodated on the shelves beneath my plasma but that's ok. I've got it on a stand in front of the TV. It sounds TERRIFIC and I'm much more interested in function that form. I'm rediscovering my music collection, seriously. I'm hearing things that I didn't know existed on certain recordings. I must say, with some of the operatic recordings I have, the voices seem a bit too forward. As I spend time listening, I'm thinking that this is a 'fault' of the recording technician for those particular recordings as I have other operatic recordings that are spectacular. It's my feeling that these speakers are "unforgiving". With a less than very good recording, you get less than very good sound but on the other side, when it's terrific, what this system does is jaw dropping. I can't imaging it getting much better. Once again, my hat is off to Axiom and to all of you who provide such great great service. I appreciate all the time you've spent of the phone answering my questions. Again, Axiom's service is unequalled. My audio system is now mostly Axiom (a1400, M80, QS8, VP150 and last but not least, EP-600) and I couldn't be happier. I've found the reviews and your own write ups and conversations with you to be right on the money. Rest assured that I've been spreading the good news about Axiom.  
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating