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Axiom Customer Reviews

Below are just a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us. To view their opinions on a particular Axiom loudspeaker, please select the model that you are interested in from the menu below.

LFR1100 Floorstanding Speakers
Rated 5.0 Stars Based on 2 Reviews.

I'm no audiophile and I haven't really listened to a good pair of speakers for over 30 years when one of my best friends had a fairly decent pair of "monitors", as they were called, in his bed room and we'd listen to all the great bands and singer songwriters of the seventies.

Those "monitors" seemed impressive to me at the time but the LFR 1100s blow them away! I shouldn't even be comparing them - it's not fair! Frankly, I've never heard better speakers in my life than your LFR 1100s.

The clarity and definition of different sounds / instruments is remarkable even when those instruments are playing the same note. The reproduction of vocals is like being live in the studio. The sound stage, especially pronounced with drums, is incredibly clear and accurate. You can hear the variation in drum skins! Finally, the bass response is breathtaking (and potentially house shattering when turned up loud!) I love the sensation of the bass in tandem with the beat of the bass drum.

What more can I say? The only negative thing I can think of is how damn big and heavy the beasts are but they're worth it if that's what it takes to reproduce recorded music so faithfully.

Thanks for helping me to achieve my audio nirvana.

5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating   

Recently, I had a chance to listen to Axiom's new LFR1100's. Simply put, these speakers are a new sound experience. There is a depth and breadth of sound I have never heard in any speaker. The LFR1100's, with the addition of the rear components, fill the room with sound that is like something you've never heard before. The old adage "It's like you were there!" takes on new meaning with LFR1100's. My wife and I are now trying to figure out to re-jig the family room to make the perfect space for a set of LFR1100's.  
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating