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Axiom Customer Reviews

Below are just a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us. To view their opinions on a particular Axiom loudspeaker, please select the model that you are interested in from the menu below.

LFR660 Floorstanding Speakers
Rated 5.0 Stars Based on 1 Reviews.

The LFR660s are terrific, a thousand good things will be said about them. Triangles, combs, and such have showed up like magic in my songs. In one of them, I heard a chair creaking when the musician was getting out of it at the end of the recording session. How cool is that? And the vocals, they are as life-like as one can get. These speakers with the ADA1000 amp are the real deal.

You all may be interested in why I purchased the 660s when I was already enjoying my M60s. Serious consideration evolved as I thought of my previous Axiom upgrades, each one made my music sound better. Looking at the price of the 660s, I figured Axiom would not price and sell them like this unless they were a major improvement and was I ever right.

Hey Ian and Andrew, you two have created some very special LFR speakers, the 660s are magical. Talk about spaciousness and airiness, I can't get over the sound. Every time I turn on my music, I shake my head in disbelief that they sound so good. Sorry to say that the 660s with the dsp amp combo will be my last major purchase from Axiom. Oh, guess I forgot, I just traded in my m60s in for an ADA1000-5. Oh well!
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating