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EP500 v4 Subwoofer
Boston Cherry Black Grilles
EP500 v4 Subwoofer
"These subs push the envelope of performance."
$1,370.00 USD
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4.9375/5 Star Rating4.9375/5 Star Rating4.9375/5 Star Rating4.9375/5 Star Rating4.9375/5 Star Rating
Rated 4.9 Stars Based on 24 Reviews.
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Product Information

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Featuring XLF (Extended Low Frequency) Intelligent DSP Technology

The biggest advance in subwoofer technology in the last 15 years is here! The Epicenter EP500 is the first subwoofer of its size to truly go down to a couch-shaking 19 Hz in an anechoic environment. If you've been longing for the kind of seat-rumbling experience you get in a good movie theater, you'll get it with the EP500. How is this possible? The XLF (a DSP chip) enables the EP500 to deliver spectacular deep bass -- as low as 18 Hz in a room! Bring on War of the Worlds!

"In every configuration that I tried this sub in, it performed at world-class levels. It is both able to convey subtle musical notes, and earth-shaking low-frequency movie effects effortlessly. It's not a hard stretch to say that this sub's performance matches or exceeds the best 12" subs that are available at ANY price."-- Geoff Cintron,

Though claims of 19 Hz are made every day by manufacturers, specifications are normally calculated in unrealistic environments (like a closet!). Planning on using your sub in a real room? The EP500 achieves ultra-low bass with none of the uneven performance of conventional subs - Intelligent DSP doesn't allow peaks and dips. It controls every frequency from 16 - 100 Hz, maintaining a smooth, flat response within 1.5 dB across the range. That means you'll hear undistorted, profoundly deep rumbles all the way to 18 Hz.

Subwoofer Ampl Plate - click to enlargeWhat's more, this subwoofer is unbreakable. The EP500's massive 12-inch aluminum driver with a 3-inch diameter dual voice coil, and its companion 500-watt power amplifier are tightly controlled by the DSP. Its special algorithm commands the subwoofer to deliver peak performance without ever being overdriven. And its maximum undistorted output of 120 dB is louder than a full orchestra in a concert hall. At last, professional cinema realism is available in your home theater!

"When I cranked the volume up to obscene levels... I couldn’t hear any distortion from the 12" cone no matter how much I increased the volume -- just solid, deep, room-shaking bass. The Axiom EP500 is a bargain among high-end subwoofers." -- Vince Hanada, HomeTheaterSound

You don't have to take our word for it - audition this sub in your own home. The EP500 comes with a 30-day in-home trial, an industry-leading five-year warranty and free shipping.


The EP500 Powered Subwoofer won a Best of 2006 Award from Enjoy the Music. EP500 Subwoofer Speakers won Product of the Year at Audioholics. The EP500 Subwoofer Speaker won a Reviewers' Choice Award from SoundStage.

Professional Reviews

Industry Reviews

"It was impossible not to notice the EP500's deep, low frequency effects capability. The sub's performance was deep and gut wrenching while simultaneously nimble and articulate. To get such definition from a 12" sub is rare and a real treat."
-- Caleb Denison, Digital Trends


"This subwoofer did not just give the impression of deep bass, but actually gave deep bass. Never in my life have I heard bass go so confidently low and load the room so convincingly. When the aliens declared war on our world, the whole neighborhood knew it. But this subwoofer was never about boom. It could be carefully rolled back to integrate with the main speakers so as to be unobtrusive."
-- Jeff Rabin,


"In every configuration that I tried this sub in it performed at world-class levels. It is both able to convey subtle musical notes, and earth shaking low frequency movie effects effortlessly. It's not a hard stretch to say that this sub's performance matches or exceeds the best 12" subs that are available at ANY price."
-- Geoff Cintron,


"All in all, this is an exceptional subwoofer that proved to have strong, powerful response at all audible bass frequencies, and the ability to play very loud without strain or woofer rattling. This is a sub I would seriously consider on its measurable and audible merits."
-- Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide 

"The bass was well-extended with oodles of punch and slam... You could hear clear delineation of the bass notes, never sounding boomy or one-notey as do some high-excursion subs. With the EP500 engaged, the hairs stood up on my arms as I felt the adrenaline rush from the power of the mighty sub."
-- Gene DellaSala, Audioholics 


"Explosions. There are enough between these two flicks to last moviedom another millennium or two. Regardless, the EP500 subwoofer rumbled with masterful authority. In fact, the one remarkable attribute of the EP500 was its utter silence unless called into action. But once engaged, it delivered deep, percussive sound with no hint of chuff or bloat."
-- Kevin East, GoodSound


"When I cranked the volume up to obscene levels... I couldn’t hear any distortion from the 12" cone no matter how much I increased the volume -- just solid, deep, room-shaking bass. The Axiom EP500 is a bargain among high-end subwoofers."
-- Vince Hanada, HomeTheaterSound


“Powered with a 500-watt, high-efficiency digital amp with an analog power supply, the EP500 will deliver head-shaking heart-throbbing bass in any home theater environment.”
-- Gene DellaSala, Audioholics 


Photo Gallery

EP500 - Front
EP500 - Front
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Amp Plate
EP500 - Amp
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EP500 - Port
EP500 - Port
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EP500 - Port
EP500 - Driver
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Included with the Speakers:
Rubber Feet Rubber Feet
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Binding Post Wrench Binding Post Wrench
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Allen Key Allen Key
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Screws Rubber Foot Screws
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Wall'O'Fame See Photos Our Customers Have Sent of Their EP500

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Specs EP500 v4
Enclosure Type:
Power Watts Continuous RMS:
Power Watts Peak Dynamic:
Crossover Adjust Positions:
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz:
18 - 150 Frequency Graph
Low Frequency Response to -10dB Hz:
Max SPL Anechoic:
Max SPL In-room:
Line In and Out:
Balanced In and Out:
High Level In:
Dimensions Inches (HxWxD):
21.5 x 14.75 x 17
Dimensions Millimeters (HxWxD):
550 x 375 x 430
Weight in Pounds:
Weight in Kilos:
Die Cast Woofer Basket:
DSP Amplitude Response Control:
0 & 180 Phase Adjust

All Axiom Subwoofers feature:

  • High-Powered Amplifier

  • Dynamic Power Supply

  • Silent Porting

  • Ultra High-Power Woofer Design

  • XLF Intelligent Digital Signal Processing

  • Balanced In and Out


View the Owner's Manual
View Axiom's Five-Year Warranty

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Below are a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us.

I have been Really Wow'ed with my Axiom EP 500 v.2's brute output power, finesse, articulation and musical accuracy!!! It fills my 5300cf home theater room with cement-slab shaking, visceral-impact bass that extends well beyond audibility, never seeming strained or peaked, always well-controlled and fast, while maintaining superb low-bass tonality that is always musical...I'm impressed (so are my neighbors, hehe)!!!
-- Ted T., LA


Kudos Axiom for continuing to offer absolutely amazing products, at very reasonable prices, and with the best Customer Service available anywhere... bar none!! I became a happy Axiom customer in August 2002 with the purchase of a pair of M60 Ti SE's. My current purchase of an EP500 sub has once again confirmed the excellent sound, build quality, and customer support that your company provides. One word to best describe the EP500...awesome! Looking forward to my next Axiom purchase!
-- Kevin K., ON


The 500 came right on time and I'm extremely pleased with its performance. Interestingly, it replaces my 10 yr. old Paradigm PS 1000 which was recommended in the Cdn. publication "Sound and Vision" by Axiom's own Alan Lofft (I think it was Alan who wrote the review!). If the 500 gives me the same trouble-free pleasure that my Paradigm has given me over the years, I will, indeed, be very happy camper!
-- Bob H., ON CA

Everyone who listens to this system is astounded by the absolute clarity and transparency. We all can't get over the amazing performance of the EP500, it's really awesome!
-- Laurence L., South Africa


When I selected the equipment for my new home theatre, I new that it would sound great, even the possibility of sounding exceptional even came to mind.
But after listening for a few of days, simply astonishing is a much more formidable description. Thanks Axiom
. P.S. The Epicenter 500 Sub scares the $#!% out of my dogs... :)
-- Robert W., BC CA


The EP 500 rocks, I am still tweaking but I think I found the sweet spot, but when I was crawling around on the floor with scotch tape the other night my wife told me I needed a hobby, I said, What do you think this is?

One of my buddy came over last night that runs dual Sunfire Subs in his system and he was ashamed after sitting on my couch while I was playing a little R&B with some great bass in it for him.

Again, Thanks for the time and the great audio equipment. I am really enjoying it.
-- Jason T., OK USA

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EP 500 Subwoofer Set Up

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