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Axiom Speaker Bracket - the Full Metal Bracket
Speaker Bracket Mount
$44.00 USD /each
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QS8 - Wall Placement
Speaker Bracket Product Information

Finally - a speaker bracket mounting solution for any situation

Style, Strength, Flexibility - Axiom's Full Metal Speaker Bracket is engineered in lightweight, durable cast aluminum, and can handle speakers weighing up to 40 lbs. Great for centers, surrounds or bookshelves.

The speaker bracket fits over a shaft, so the speaker swivels left or right. The speaker may also be tilted up or down to allow center-channel or main-channel speakers to be aimed towards the listening area, improving intelligibility and the stereo soundstage. An Allen-key wrench is supplied with the bracket, and mounting instructions. For heavy speakers like our M22, an optional wedge is supplied to help balance the weight.

Using a speaker bracket to mount loudspeakers is a great way to keep them out of the way of small children or active pets - up on the walls they are out of harm's way! For very best performance, mount speakers' tweeters (the top driver) at about ear level.

Sold individually, in black or white. Speaker bracket places speaker 2 and 3/8" from the wall and measures 5 and 1/8" from top to bottom.

See full speaker bracket mounting instructions here.