Flat Speaker Wire
Flat Speaker Wire

Number of feet you wish to purchase:
$3.50 USD/foot

▪ 1.25-inches / 31.75 mm overall width
▪ 0.024-inch / .60 mm overall depth
▪ Adhesive-backed
▪ 12-gauge (AWG), 2-conductor flat wire
▪ Indoor/Outdoor Use
▪ White casing


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Tired of fishing speaker wire through drywall or tripping over unsightly lumps and bumps in your carpet? The solution is here! Flat, self-adhesive Axiom wire is perfect for adding speakers into existing rooms without needing to remodel - just run under the carpet and up the wall!

The wire can be ordered in any length - just use the accessory terminal blocks to connect the flat wire to standard speaker cable for connection to your speakers and to the AV receiver or amplifier.

This versatile wire can be plastered over, painted over, or run under carpeting. You could even conceal it under a baseboard or other trim as long as you don't drive a nail through it. Axiom's flat wire is also rated for outdoor as well as indoor use.

See detailed usage instructions here.

Photo Gallery
Adaptor Example 1 Close-up of 12-gauge speaker cable without its white casing to show the copper cable beneath.
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Adaptor Example 1 Terminal Block used to bridge the connection between flat speaker wire and a standard speaker cable.
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