Balanced Cable
Balanced Cable

Cable Lengths
12 Feet $81.00 USD
18 Feet $94.00 USD
25 Feet $111.00 USD
35 Feet $135.00 USD
50 Feet $171.00 USD
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Rugged balanced cable with gold-plated standard XLR multi-pin male connector on one end, and female on the other. Integrated with standard trigger line for remote power on/off actuation of power amplifiers, preamps and other remote components. For use with A/V gear with compatible balanced XLR connectors, including the EP500 and EP600 Epicenter Subwoofers. Trigger line connection optional. Use only for balanced system interconnection.

Axiom Balanced Cables feature:

  • Gold-plated multi-pin XLR connectors
  • Heavy-duty nylon braided insulation
  • Meticulous soldering
Male XLR Female XLR