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All Axiom loudspeakers and subwoofers carry a 5-year warranty.
Home theater center channel speakers that won't let you down - you'll love the clarity of dialog and crispness of 5-channel music playback with Axiom's center channel speakers.

Center Channels

"Dialogue through the VP150 center channel was superb."
-- Tom Garcia,
Center Channel Speaker - VP100 v2
VP100 v4 Center Channel
The VP100's dual aluminum woofers and titanium tweeter provide neutral tonal quality, ensuring a smooth blend with Axiom's compact and tower speakers. More Info...

$336.00 USD
Center Channel Speaker - VP150 v2
VP150 v4 Center Channel
This is a center channel of choice for owners that want higher power, it delivers seamless integration and wide-angle dispersion. Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks shine. More Info...

$530.00 USD
VP160 v4 Center Channel
Everything from the most intimate whispers to booming military commands come through loud and crystal-clear.You'll get lost in the action, instead of asking other people in the room what the characters just said! Prepare to be transported into movies and music. It is the ultimate home theater goal!" More Info...

$740.00 USD
VP180 v4 Center Channel
Enter the new VP180 center channel speaker. This 56-lb beast thrilled our most critical listeners, Alan Lofft and Ian Colquhoun. Alan said: "As an especially critical center-channel listener, I'm excited by the music and dialogue accuracy of the new VP180." More Info...

$965.00 USD
Crystal clear. Axiom Vocal Point center speakers deliver all the intimate details - stunningly crisp dialogue on your favourite DVDs. A smooth, transparent center channel speaker is important not just for dialogue intelligibility, but also for music videos and CDs. Hear everything.

Magnetic shielding eliminates TV interference, wide dispersion design maximizes your seating area and the angled cabinet allows for placement above or below your TV screen.

All Axiom Center Channels feature:
  • Titanium tweeters
  • Aluminum woofers
  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts for better connections
  • Anti-Standing-Wave Cabinets that eliminate tonal discoloration
From small and compact to gigantic, and everything in between. Axiom has your center channel needs covered.
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