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Stands and Brackets

All Axiom loudspeakers and subwoofers carry a 5-year warranty.

Stands and Accessories

"Stands, Brackets, and Accessories for all your speaker needs"
Full Metal Stands - FMS 16
FMS 16
The 16-inch Full Metal Stand is custom-engineered to exactly fit your Axiom Bookshelf Speaker.
More Info...
$240.00 USD/pair
Full Metal Stands - FMS 24
FMS 24
At 24 inches tall these Full Metal Stands will take your Bookshelf Speakers to a higher level
More Info...
$250.00 USD/pair
Full Metal Stands - FMS QS
Shaped to match the Quadrant Surround Speakers with a sturdy securing mechanism to keep it in its place.
More Info...
$298.00 USD /pair
Full Metal Stands - FMS CC
A 16 inch high Custom Center Channel Stand is designed to keep your VP100 or VP150 at ear level.
More Info...
$120.00 USD/each
Full Metal Stands - FMS 160
FMS 160
Custom designed to secure
to the bottom of your VP160
Center Channel Speaker
More Info...
$140.00 USD/each
Full Metal Stands - FMS 180
FMS 180
The Doubled Up FMS 180 secures
directly to your VP180 Center
Channel in two different
More Info...
$265.00 USD /each
Full Metal Brakets
Full Metal Bracket
Extremely Versatile mounting system for Bookshelf, Center Channel, and Surround Speakers
More Info...
$44.00 USD/each
Full Metal Ceiling Bracket
Full Metal Ceiling Bracket
Mount your Surround Speakers to the ceiling where wall mounting isn't possible.
More Info...
$60.00 USD/each
Port Plugs
Port Plugs
Stifle annoying bass boost with plugs custom designed for
Axiom Vortex Ports.
More Info...
$28.00 USD/pair
FMS Stand Weights
FMS Stand Weights
Add some weight and extra stability to your stands with nonresonant weights.
More Info...
$79.00 USD