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All Axiom loudspeakers and subwoofers carry a 5-year warranty.
Deep, deep bass impact is yours with an Axiom subwoofer. Great for augmenting stereo listening - and excellent home theater powered subwoofers!


"These subs push the envelope of performance."
-- Gene Della Sala,
Subwoofers - EP800 v4
EP800 v4 Subwoofer
Ultra-smooth, deep bass extension at astonishing output levels, probing the depths of infrasonic response. More Info...

$2,580.00 USD
Subwoofers - EP600 v4
EP600 v4 Subwoofer
Deep, smooth, clean, loud bass that will bring performances to life. For detached homes only! More Info...

$1,830.00 USD
Subwoofers - EP500 v4
EP500 v4 Subwoofer
Expect thundering rock, explosive movie special effects, or the deepest musical foundations of classical and pop music to be revealed with the Epicenter EP500. More Info...

$1,370.00 USD

Subwoofers - EP400 v4
EP400 v4 Subwoofer
At last: all the subsonic benefits of DSP technology in a cabinet small enough for dens, bedrooms or other small spaces. More Info...

$1,260.00 USD
Subwoofers - EP350 v4
EP350 v4 Subwoofer
For average sized living rooms, the EP350 provides exciting home theater effects as well as serious bass extension for classical or pop music. More Info...

$890.00 USD

Subwoofers - EP175 v4
EP175 v4 Subwoofer
A solid-performing subwoofer with tight, clean musical bass for music as well as convincing powerful home theater special effects. More Info...

$685.00 USD
Subwoofers - EP125 v4
EP125 v4 Subwoofer
The EP125 125-watt powered subwoofer is Axiom's answer to a small sub with big sound! Utilizing exclusive Vortex porting and a pure cast-aluminum basket 8-inch woofer, this system produces excellent deep bass output. More Info...

$480.00 USD
A "sub" is a speaker that produces very deep bass tones, lower even than the bass that a big, floorstanding speaker's woofers can produce. Think of the last blockbuster movie you saw in a Dolby Digital, dts, or THX movie theater that featured dinosaurs stomping through the jungle in pursuit of terrified actors? The sounds are reproduced by several very large subwoofers positioned behind the cinema screen.

Axiom's subs, for small, medium and large rooms, reproduce these effects in your living room or den. Subwoofers take over where your speakers' bass output tapers off, reinforcing and extending the range of your main speakers to frequencies that are more felt than heard (here come those dinosaurs again!). It also delivers sonic impact to movie sound effects like explosions and underwater effects.

To help you choose the right Axiom subwoofer to match your room and speakers, try our home theater wizard, or call our toll-free number - 1-888-352-9466 - for free, friendly advice from our Audio Experts.

All Axiom Millennia Subwoofers feature:
  • Aluminum Woofers
  • Vortex Porting
  • Powerful Built-In Amplifier
  • Adjustable Crossover
  • Variable Phase Switch
  • Output Level Control
  • Line Level and Speaker Level Inputs