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All Axiom loudspeakers and subwoofers carry a 5-year warranty.
Home theater systems arranged for every room size and budget. Get the kind of home theater experience that will make you never want to go to a movie theater again!

Home Theaters

"an affordable overachiever"
-- Al Griffin, Sound & Vision

Axiom Home Theaters - Epic Midi

Epic Midi

No compromise. Profoundly deep bass with a three-dimensional soundstage. More Info...

Starting from $1,786.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic Master

Epic Master

Clean, nicely balanced midrange and treble with solid subsonics from a bigger subwoofer. More Info...

Starting from $2,049.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic Grand Master

Epic Grand Master

Remarkable power. Ultra-clear sound with awesome subterranean bass. More Info...

Starting from $2,341.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic 50

Epic 50

Smooth-sounding home theater that is a significant step up from bookshelf systems. More Info...

Starting from $2,731.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic 60

Epic 60

Solid and clean. Home theater performance that fits any environment. More Info...

Starting from $3,560.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic 80

Epic 80

Our flagship system: pure power for the listener who wants it all. Unmatched subsonic performance - for freestanding homes only! Rock even huge rooms. More Info...

Starting from $4,470.00 USD
Axiom Home Theaters - Epic In-Wall/On-Wall Systems

On-Wall Systems

Axiom On-Wall speakers outperform the competition by using unique tuned enclosures that don't rely on the wall cavity to dictate sound quality. Available in standard or custom finishes to perfectly complement today's flat-screen TVs. More Info...

Starting from $1,786.00 USD

excerpted from the monthly Axiom AudioFile newsletter

Home Theater Basics
How to Judge Loudspeaker Sound and Accuracy
9 Common Questions about Subwoofers and Surround Speakers
Describing Speaker Sound
"Tricking" Out Your Home Theater Room for Best Sound
10 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Home Theater
History of Home Theater

An Axiom home theater surround system transforms your music and movie viewing experience--you won't believe the difference! Axiom recreates the experience of being part of the performance, whether that's a DVD movie with 5.1 channel surround sound or multi-channel music. Hearing your CDs in surround sound from an Axiom home theater will revitalize your entire music collection, accurately reproducing the natural ambience - present on thousands of CD, DVD movie and music soundtracks, and even LP recordings - that was unheard in stereo.

Look at a Bookshelf System If. . .

. . . you are considering a home theater for apartment-sized living rooms and bedrooms as well as dens. Performance of the M2-anchored Epic Midi, and M3-anchored Epic Master systems will be dramatically more dynamic, natural, and realistic than Home-Theater-in-a-Box systems or tiny, overpriced cube-type speakers. These bookshelf front speakers will deliver remarkably neutral and transparent sound with compelling and musical deep bass from a subwoofer. Or step up to the astonishingly neutral M22 -based Epic Grand Master system for larger rooms. Our bestselling bookshelf Home Theater, the Grand Master, has the ability to play at loud levels in moderately large rooms. If you have no adjoining neighbors and want subterranean bass extension to 13 Hz, add an Epicenter EP500 subwoofer.

Look at a Tower System If . . .

. . . you are considering using a home theater in larger rooms or "great rooms" with vaulted ceilings which require the higher volume output capability and bass extension of floorstanding main speakers and large subwoofers like the EP350, EP500, or EP600. Alternatively, consider tower systems if you desire the increased clarity and authority that tower speakers will deliver in smaller rooms. For smooth-sounding home theater that is a significant step up from bookshelf systems, look to the Epic 50 Home Theater.

The Epic 60 Home Theater System includes the 3-way four-driver M60 towers, which have exceptional midrange and upper-octave clarity that is virtually identical to the M80.

Axiom's flagship Epic 80 System is a no-compromise system for discerning listeners with dedicated home theater rooms who expect extremely loud, clean playback levels and the kind of DVD movie playback that will exceed in accuracy and realism what you hear in commercial Dolby Digital cinemas.

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Start with any of the basic system configurations to the left, or use our interactive Home Theater Wizard to customize a package for your needs. This in-depth personalized tool will assist you in getting the right Home Theater. Please also always feel free to e-mail or phone us toll-free at 1-888-352-9466 for professional, friendly advice.