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EP125 v4 Subwoofer
Boston Cherry Black Grilles
EP125 v4 Subwoofer
"Imagine my surprise when the EP125 kept making some noise all the way down to 25Hz!"
$480.00 USD
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Product Information

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Questions We Get All The Time

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The EP125 sub features a self-contained 125-watt amplifier and is Axiom's answer to a small sub with big sound! Utilizing exclusive Vortex porting and a pure cast-aluminum basket 8-inch woofer, this system produces smooth deep bass output in small living rooms, dens and bedrooms.

This is an ideal subwoofer to extend bass response with any of our bookshelf speakers - great for music or home theater. Add a subwoofer if you want to feel the driving impact of deep bass - the bottommost notes of a grand piano, bass drums, timpani . . .you'll love how full your music sounds with the addition of the EP125.

"The EP125 didn't honk or squawk or hang too long on a single note like a lot of other inexpensive subwoofers. What it contributed to the sound -- a firm footing for most music -- was quite welcome." -- Kevin Hunt,

Axiom's seamless cabinetry makes this a handsome subwoofer whose small stature disappears into most rooms. The subwoofer has a pop-out voltage supply - 220 v for European homes or 110 v for North American homes.

The unusual ribbed Vortex port allows air to escape the subwoofer silently, increasing the bass output you can get from this remarkably small cabinet. The dual-port configuration is a very efficient design.

The EP125 comes with anti-resonance rubber feet or you can purchase optional custom metal spikes. These feet ensure that the speaker stays put while the rest of the room vibrates around it! Perfect for small to medium rooms.

Professional Reviews

Industry Reviews

"The EP125 is a relatively small subwoofer  but it produced respectably low bass notes. Numerous helicopter scenes in this movie effectively placed me close to the action . . .  I not only heard but felt the low registers in these sequences."
-- Suave Kajko, CanadaHiFi


"I was impressed with both subs and particularly impressed with the EP125. I honestly expected it to struggle, rattle, chuff, and bottom out at the listening levels I was using. It is a testament to Axiom Audio's commitment to quality that their least expensive offering is clearly well designed."
-- Tom Andry, Audioholics



"The M2 and EP125 make a superb combination in a small room system... the M2 is a legend in the making."
-- Kevin Hunt,


"The EP125 sub impressed us with its seemingly effortless ability to produce clean, clear, accurate bass that doesn't muddy or blanket the rest of the spectrum while performing at relatively high volumes. . .  we easily give this product our recommended award."
-- Steven Wall, Guru3D


Photo Gallery

EP125 - Amp
EP125 - Amp
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Included with the Speakers:
Rubber Feet Rubber Feet
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Binding Post Wrench Binding Post Wrench
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Allen Key Allen Key
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Screws Rubber Foot Screws
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Specs EP125 v4
Enclosure Type:
Power Watts Continuous RMS:
Power Watts Peak Dynamic:
Crossover Adjust Positions:
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz:
30 - 150 Frequency Graph
Low Frequency Response to -10dB Hz:
Max SPL Anechoic:
Max SPL In-room:
Line In and Out:
Balanced In and Out:
High Level In:
Dimensions Inches (HxWxD):
14.5 x 13 x 17
Dimensions Millimeters (HxWxD):
368 x 335 x 430
Weight in Pounds:
Weight in Kilos:
Die Cast Woofer Basket:
DSP Amplitude Response Control:
0 & 180 Phase Adjust

All Axiom Subwoofers feature:

  • Aluminum Woofers

  • Vortex Porting

  • Powered Built-In Amplifier

  • Adjustable Crossover

  • Variable Phase Switch

  • Output Level Control

  • Line Level and Speaker Level Inputs


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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Below are a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us.

I was really impressed by the sound quality of the EP125. When we were listening to music, it really warmed up the sound without making it muddy. I let the customer hear his in-wall speakers with and without the sub, and he was happy that he invested in the EP125. During the installation of his screen and projector, he commented at least 5 times about how clear, incredible, amazing, etc. that the music was. I will definitely recommend Axiom to anybody looking for a sub. 
-- George F., ON


This little sub pumps out bass like no other 8" sub I have used. This sub shakes my candle mounts on the wall in the room above.
-- Sean H., CA


Thanks. It's great. The sound of my bookshelf speakers is really enhanced.
Thanks for the good service, too. 
-- William R., CA


rocks my room
-- Abdul Q., ON


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