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LFR660 Floorstanding Speakers
Boston Cherry Black Grilles
LFR660 Floorstanding Speakers
$2,960.00 USD/pair
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Product Information

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Based on the stellar accolades of the LFR1100 omnidirectional speakers from both our customers and professional reviewers we have developed an entire line of LFR products, beginning with the LFR660 and LFR 660 HP (High Powered).  The High Powered version has very heavy duty 6.5” woofers for added maximum SPL output and no compression in the bass region.  The LFR series is the brainchild of Andrew Welker and Ian Colquhoun, this omnidirectional wonder solves the problem of typical bipole or dipole speakers: they typically provide incredible depth of soundstage, but images tend to be ill-defined and washed-out.

By using a sophisticated DSP to tailor the response of each complement of drivers, front and rear, Axiom was able to overcome this bipole/dipole limitation to create the first omnidirectional speaker that preserves the spacious sound enthusiasts love, but with the same neutral tonal balance and pinpoint imaging for which Axiom speakers are renowned. The result? 2-D imaging is suddenly brought into a 3-D soundstage, immersing the listener and enveloping your senses.

"The first thing we noticed about the 1100's, before their brilliant accuracy and fiercely disciplined hurricane-force, was the astonishing width of the sound stage and breadth of the center image. The tandem team of front and rear-firing drivers used the backdrop of our test room to create a perfect synthesis between the speaker faces, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "wall of sound".
Ryan Waniata , Digital Trends, on the LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers

Traditionally, bipole/dipole designs have been plagued by a persistent problem: the spacious presentation sounds great for a while, but eventually it becomes off-putting because you can't isolate soloists or pinpoint actions. Axiom met this challenge by innovating a way to apply psychoacoustic principals to create speakers that offer the best of both forward radiating and bipole designs.  Extensive customization of the frequency response of the rear drivers, working in conjunction with a more subtle customization of the front drivers, creates a seamless soundstage with minimal roll-off at the top end, even at extreme angles away from the sweet spot. You'll still marvel at the sense of the speakers' soundfield opening up before you, but the image detail doesn't shift at all.

"The LFR1100 is absolutely crystalline in its output and the level of detail is just mind blowing. I cannot believe I am saying this, but it is literally like having the artist in the room with you. I know what you are thinking and I have heard that expression a million times as well only to be let down when I put it to the test, but in the case of the LFR1100 and my listening sessions it was true for me. The idea of having a true full-range speaker capable of delivering on its promise was foreign to me, until now."
-- Dale Rasco, HomeTheaterShack, on the LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers


"I always look for speakers that melt the walls away and transport me to the concert hall; or into the world of the movie I'm watching. The LFR-1100s did this in a way I didn't think was possible; especially for a speaker pair that costs less (way less!) than $25,000."
-- Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, on the LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers

The LFR660 front baffle features two 6.5-inch woofers, a 5.25-inch midrange/woofer, and a 1-inch tweeter, with our signature vortex port in the bottom. The rear baffle adds two more vortex ports, another 5.25-inch midrange/woofer, and another 1-inch tweeter. It requires four channels of amplification to drive these speakers: right front, left front, right rear, and left rear all need to be powered separately. 

The DSP included with the LFR660s separates the front right and left channels into these four channels.  The DSP included is in a stand-alone case that sits between your preamplifier or receiver and the amplifier.  The DSP accepts the main right and left channels from the preamplifier through RCA connects or from your receiver through High Level speaker connections and outputs right front, right rear, left front, and left rear channels for your amplifier. 

You can also choose in Customize Yours some upgraded and integrated versions of the DSP.  There is another stand-alone version of the DSP that does not have the High Level inputs but instead has both RCA and Balanced in and out.  Then there are two version of and integrated DSP and amplifier.  Both versions include our ADA1000-4 amplifier with the DSP built into it.  The one version accepts either a pre-out or high level (speaker wire) out from your pre-amp or receiver.  The other version will accept up to 3 independent sources (iPod, CD player, etc) and has an input selector switch, a balance control, and a volume control on the front panel. 

Professional Reviews

Industry Reviews of the LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speaker

(big brother to the LFR660)
"I have been a musician for nearly 30 years. I have performed at too many venues to recall and I believe that I have a firm grasp on what music should sound like or rather what the artist intended it to sound like and I can say without hesitation that the LFR1100's are that rare breed of speakers that are capable of capturing the very soul of the music.

"The sound stage is absolutely stunning. Several hours into my subjective listening tests and I was still thinking 'WOW! I have never been this taken aback by a pair of speakers. Every song I play is like hearing it for the first time!' I could not get enough music to listen to and it stirred up something inside that has been dormant for a long time now.
-- Dale Rasco, HomeTheaterShack


"I've experienced a large sound stage before; even to the point where my room disappears completely. The LFRs made it sound and feel limitless . . . And the transparency! The reverb of both voices and instruments was tremendous lending an incredible sense of spaciousness to the presentation.

"I've always admired the neutrality and honesty of all the Axiom speakers I've listened to. The LFR-1100s have taken that concept and added a sense of depth and volume that I didn't think possible in my listening room. I always look for speakers that melt the walls away and transport me to the concert hall; or into the world of the movie I'm watching. The LFR-1100s did this in a way I didn't think was possible; especially for a speaker pair that costs less (way less!) than $25,000."
-- Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
"Our experience with Axiom's LFR-1100 speakers and ADA-1500-4 amplifier was one of brilliance, revelation, and total musical immersion, on par with some of the best listening sessions we've ever experienced. We tested this system from every angle – literally and metaphorically – and we had a near impossible time exposing a flaw.

"On top of that, the LFR-1100s' massive soundstage and vibrant power also make them the perfect system for large gatherings of folks who actually care about the sound - no more fighting over that sweet spot. (Audiophile party anyone?) If you're looking to step into a real home hi-fi system, we think purchasing the Axiom LFR-1100 and ADA-1500-4 is an investment you will never regret."
--Ryan Waniata , Digital Trends


Photo Gallery

LFR Series Front View
LFR Series, Rear View
Front view: LFR 1100, 880 and 660 Rear view: LFR 1100, 880 and 660


Digital Signal Processor

Why a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for the LFR660?  In order to get optimal integration between the front and rear drivers each set of drivers needs to have a very unique set of amplitude response curves.  This isn't possible to do with a passive network, so we employ the power of a DSP to ensure we end up with the desired family of curves measured all the way around the speaker.  This ensures complete control over the midrange fidelity of the omnidirectional speaker, and keeps it from suffering from a lack of image focus or spectral neutrality which is so often a problem with omnidirectional designs. The DSP tailors phase response between the front and back sections, as well as the amplitude response characteristics.

Specs DSP 1
Max Output:
<0.008% @ 1Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio
(Input shorted, 22Hz-20kHz, un-weighted, Ref. 2V):
Digital Conversion:
24-bit, Sigma-Delta ADCs and DACs
@ 96kHz Sampling Rate
Power Consumption
RCA Input (Single Ended):
High Level Input:
AC Input Voltage:
115 or 230
Dimens. H W D (inches):
3.5" x 17.75" x 16.75"
Dimens. H W D (mm):
88 x 450 x 425
Weight (lbs) each
Weight (kg) each


Axiom's DSP pictured from the front.
Axiom's DSP1 - click to enlarge
Axiom's DSP pictured from the front.
Back of the DSP1 - click to enlarge




Specs LFR660
Triple Vortex / Reflex
Max Amp Power:
250 Watts
Min Amp Power: 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3dB (Hz):
40 - 20kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz):
27 - 20kHz
Impedance (Ohms):
6 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(db):
91 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db):
87 dB
X-Over 160 Hz & 2.3 kHz
2 x 1"
2 x 5.25"
Dual 6.5"
Dimens. H W D (inches):
37.5" x 9.25" x 15"
Dimens. H W D (mm):
953 x 235 x 381
Weight (lbs) each
53 lbs
Weight (kg) each 24 kg


All Axiom Tower Speakers feature:

  • Titanium Tweeters

  • Aluminum Woofers (and Midranges where applicable)

  • Anti-Standing-Wave cabinets that suppress internal resonances which color sound

  • Vortex-ported cabinets to reduce port noise

  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts


Customer Comments

Customer Comments about the LFR1100s

(big brother to the LFR660)

Below are a few of the many reviews that our customers have been kind enough to send us.

I'm no audiophile and I haven't really listened to a good pair of speakers for over 30 years when one of my best friends had a fairly decent pair of "monitors", as they were called, in his bed room and we'd listen to all the great bands and singer songwriters of the seventies.

Those "monitors" seemed impressive to me at the time but the LFR 1100s blow them away! I shouldn't even be comparing them - it's not fair! Frankly, I've never heard better speakers in my life than your LFR 1100s.

The clarity and definition of different sounds / instruments is remarkable even when those instruments are playing the same note. The reproduction of vocals is like being live in the studio. The sound stage, especially pronounced with drums, is incredibly clear and accurate. You can hear the variation in drum skins! Finally, the bass response is breathtaking (and potentially house shattering when turned up loud!) I love the sensation of the bass in tandem with the beat of the bass drum.

What more can I say? The only negative thing I can think of is how damn big and heavy the beasts are but they're worth it if that's what it takes to reproduce recorded music so faithfully.

Thanks for helping me to achieve my audio nirvana.

--Brendan J., ON


Recently, I had a chance to listen to Axiom's new LFR1100's. Simply put, these speakers are a new sound experience. There is a depth and breadth of sound I have never heard in any speaker. The LFR1100's, with the addition of the rear components, fill the room with sound that is like something you've never heard before. The old adage "It's like you were there!" takes on new meaning with LFR1100's. My wife and I are now trying to figure out to re-jig the family room to make the perfect space for a set of LFR1100's.   
-- Shane and Christine O'Connor, ON

Read more customer reviews of the LFR1100s here.



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